Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning | Sierra Steam Carpet Care - Gardnerville, NV

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to get rid of odors, allergens and ground in dirt that vacuums just can’t reach. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Gardnerville, Minden and Carson City, NV, look no further. Sierra Steam Carpet Care uses the best carpet cleaning equipment in the business – a truck mounted steam cleaner.

There are many benefits to using a truck mounted steam carpet cleaner:

• Less equipment to enter the building as the actual cleaner stays on the truck
• Quicker set up and clean up
• Can remove allergens that aggravate asthma and skin conditions
• Leaves carpets nearly dry and ready to walk on
• Dirty water goes straight back to the truck, so no disposing it down your drain
• Unrivaled power
• System is completely self sufficient, so we do not have to use your hot water supply

This sophisticated piece of equipment has an extensive range of standard features that makes it stand out from every other carpet cleaner on the market. Its distinguished reputation is well deserved as it is the best equipped and most versatile carpet cleaning machine that money can buy.

Every individual feature on the truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is strategically placed in the best possible place to enhance cargo area spaciousness. This means enough room is left to store the related carpet cleaning equipment as well as the cleaning supplies.

Our customer service is second to none. From the moment you first make contact with Sierra Steam Carpet Care, you will experience the professional, friendly expertise that makes us the number one carpet cleaner in the Gardnerville, Minden and Carson City, NV.

Rely on us when you need your carpets cleaned!